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How We're Continuing to Support Rural Businesses and Smallholder Farmers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 Update From Root Capital

Root Capital's Impact in 2019

This “Hidden Influencer” is Expanding Opportunity for Women Farmers in Colombia

These Guatemalan Farmers Are Harnessing the Power of Digital Data With Help From Root Capital

What We've Learned About Evaluating Impact in Rural Communities

Reflecting on a 20-Year Partnership with Root Capital

Better Coffee, Better Livelihoods: Lessons from Our Second Joint Workshop with Intelligentsia

Cómo la tecnología digital puede democratizar el acceso a la información para las empresas rurales

Meet Root Capital’s New Chief Operating Officer

Predicting Social and Environmental Impact Through Due Diligence

How Digital Technology is Democratizing Data for Rural Businesses

New Members Bring Expertise in Coffee and Gender Equity to Root Capital's Board of Directors

In Peru's Coffeelands, These Women Mean Business

How Root Capital Measures and Manages the Impact of Our Work

What We've Learned Through Seven Years of Our Women in Agriculture Initiative

In Tough Conditions, This Nicaraguan Cooperative Blossoms

How Investing in Young People Sets Coffee Businesses Up for Long-term Success

How “Talent Partnerships” Unlock Business Growth in Rural Kenya

To Adapt to a Changing Climate, Coffee Farmers Need Bold Allies

For Antonio And Roberto, A Small Grant Made A Big Difference

What Fair Trade And Other Coffee Certifications Mean For Farmer Livelihoods

Meet the New Chair of Root Capital’s Board

How Climate Change Impacts Women Farmers—and What We're Doing About It

Como Se Ve Nuestro Trabajo en Nicaragua Ahora Mismo

Root Capital's Impact in 2018

What Our Work in Nicaragua Looks Like Right Now

How Root Capital and the IKEA Foundation are Building the Resilience of Smallholder Farmers in East Africa

Three Things That Inspired Me In 2018

Meet Root Capital's New Chief Lending Officer

Meet Root Capital's New Chief Development Officer

Two Public Sector Experts Join Root Capital’s Board of Directors

Transforming the Lives of Rural Women

What I Learned From One Day with a Colombian Coffee Cooperative

How These Mayan Farmers Are Modernizing a Two-Thousand-Year-Old Tradition

With the Support of Her Co-op, Coffee Farmer Ana Delia Becerra Is Branching Out Into Ecotourism

Making the Case for Quality: Lessons from Root Capital and Intelligentsia’s First Joint Workshop

How This Colombian Co-op is Sowing Seeds of Hope in the Wake of Conflict

A Program That's a Win-Win for Rural Businesses and Young Talent

How We're Working with Corporate and Government Partners to Support Smallholder Coffee Farmers

Root Capital Receives Top Rating from Charity Navigator

Root Capital Testifies to Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Five Things I Learned from Our Youth Workshops in Nicaragua

Seeding the Future of Rural Communities

By Working Together, We Can Support Peruvian Coffee Farmers on the Frontlines of Climate Change

Trabajando juntos podemos apoyar a productores de café peruanos que enfrentan el cambio climático

Sweetening the Deal for Cocoa and Honey Producers: Root Capital’s New Partnership with the Trafigura Foundation and Puma Energy Foundation

Supporting Farmers, Sustaining the Planet

In Rural Kenya, We Helped Businesses Invest in Women—Here's What Happened

Transforming the Lives of Rural Women: Meet Phyllis

Transforming the Lives of Rural Women: Meet Rachel

Transforming the Lives of Rural Women: Meet Sylveria

Transforming the Lives of Rural Women: Meet Margaret

Transforming the Lives of Rural Women: Meet Filomena

Transforming the Lives of Rural Women: Meet David

To Rebuild After Conflict, Latin American Farmers Need An Alternative to the Drug Trade

Cultivating Peace in War-Torn Rural Communities

Unlocking Opportunity for Those Who Need It Most

On “The Road Where Life Was Once Worth Nothing,” This Business Gives Farmers Purpose

Organic Agriculture: How This Costa Rican Co-op is Growing a Better Future for Its Farmers

What’s the Buzz? How Rural Businesses Face the Global Bee Crisis Head-on

Gender Equity Grants: Helping Kenya’s Working Mothers Succeed

This Woman Is Making Her Mark on Indonesia's Coffee Industry

In This Corner of Honduras, “Agriculture” Isn’t a Dirty Word

Human-Centered Design: From California to Côte d'Ivoire

Reclaiming Home-Grown Grains in Senegal

Eighteen Years Later, Our Work Is Far From Over

Reflecting on "Rwandan Women Rising"

Embracing Partnerships, Expanding Opportunities

What a Dollar Can Do

Internal Credit Funds: Extending Credit Where it’s Needed Most

Launching Youth Leadership Development Advisory Services in Rural Ghana

Detrás del escenario con el equipo de Asesoría de Root Capital

Coffee, Culture and Change in The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Peru's Coffeelands: Where Women are Taking Charge

In the Hills of Northeast Congo, an Underdog Steps into the Ring

Sparking a Data Revolution in the Peruvian Andes

The Efficient Impact Frontier: New Tools to Allocate Capital for Impact

Laying the First Stones towards Gender Equity

How this Peruvian Artisan is Running a Business on Her Own Terms

Cultivating the Next Crop of Agricultural Entrepreneurs

A Step Towards Peace

Investing in Uganda’s Coffee Sector

Smallholder Farmers: A Critical Piece of the Climate Change Solution

What do Silicon Valley and Africa’s Sahel Have In Common?

What's It Like to Run a Coffee Business?

The World of Farmer Finance is Changing

From 2 A.M. to Sundown: A Day in the Life of Carmen Blandón

As Demand Grows, It’s Time to Invest in the Future of Coffee

Root Capital Receives Leadership Award at Global Coffee Conference

Driving Ecosystem Change: An Interview with Eric Cooperström of the Skoll Foundation

How Extension Services Drive Business Success

Odds Stacked Against Her, This Woman is Rising to the Top of Her Game

How Open Road is Helping Us Confront Big Challenges for Even Bigger Impact

Las cuatro principales barreras que limitan el potencial de los servicios de extensión agrícola

Empowering Farmers in the Face of Climate Change

Q&A with Jeremy Mindich & Sarah Williams of Propel Capital

A Journey Through the Coffee Lands of Indonesia

Bringing Opportunity to an Area Marked by Violent Past

Cuyes, peces y abejas: cómo los clientes peruanos están diversificando sus medios de vida

A Persistent Daughter Teaches Her Old School Dad New Tricks

Agriculture in the Age of Climate Change

Many Reasons to be Grateful

Women in Agriculture Trip to Colombia: Dispatch from the Field

Guinea Pigs, Fish and Bees: How Peruvian Clients are Diversifying Livelihoods

The Mango Farmer Who Changed Everything

Mainstreaming, Segmenting, and Collaborating: Reflections from SOCAP2015

Tweaking Financial Management Trainings to Better Serve Women: A Checklist

Root Capital Client Shines at Bush Center’s 2015 Global Women’s Network

Con un poco de ayuda estas familias de agricultores orgánicos transitan el camino del éxito

With A Little Help, These Organic Farming Families are Navigating the Road to Success

Managing Risk – All Part of a Day’s Work

How Can We Make Agriculture Work for the World?

Sustainable Agriculture Depends on Women

Getting Women a Seat at the Table: Q&A with Charles Maina, Financial Advisory Coordinator for East Africa

In the West African Sahel, Women Stand Like Giants

Así es como David Lozano de Root Capital trabaja para redefinir el ‘machismo’ en México

How Root Capital's David Lozano is Redefining ‘Machismo’ in Mexico

Turning $1 into $5: How Building “Equity” Unlocks Long-Term Impact

Using Mobile Technology to Empower Rural Enterprises

Asuom, Ghana: Where Sustainable Palm Oil is Not an Oxymoron

Sourcing from Sumatra: A Conversation with Al Liu of Atlas Coffee

Looking at Agriculture in a Different Light this Earth Day

Learning from a Women's Cooperative in Guatemala

Seizing the Opportunity to Train a Women's Cooperative in Guatemala

15 Voices: An Interview with Esperanza Dionisio Castillo

Shade-Grown Coffee: What’s the Big Deal?

New Tools to Assess Social and Environmental Practices in Smallholder Supply Chains

A View from the Kitchen

David Brooks on the Promise of Social Capitalism

15 Voices: An Interview with Kevin Starr

From Guatemala: Three Ideas for Improved Agricultural Training

15 Voices: An Interview with Rosario Castellon

Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Coffee Production: Learning from Guatemala

A Glimpse from the Field: Seeing Peru through My Eyes

World AIDS Day 2014

15 Voices: An Interview with Bonnie Cockman

From Guatemala, A New Framework for Exploring the Role of Rural Enterprises

15 Voices: An Interview with Jonathan Rosenthal

On-the-Ground Insights from Guatemala: Announcing Our First Multi-Client Impact Study

Zombie Hunting in Haiti

Seeing Impact with My Own Eyes

15 Voices: An Interview with Wendy Schmidt

15 Voices: An Interview with Deborah Drake

Earning a Premium for Women-Produced Coffee

15 Voices: An Interview with Matt Patsky

Environmental Impact: A Glimpse Into Tziscao Coffee Cooperative

Announcing New Case Study: Tziscao Coffee Cooperative

15 Voices: An Interview with Gail and Tom Kaneb

Visualizing the Coffee Farmer Resilience Initiative

15 Voices: An Interview with Peter Erickson

15 Voices: An Interview with Diane Ives

Happy International Day of Cooperatives!

15 Voices: An Interview with Root Capital's First Funder

1,500 Loans. 1,500 Stories. 15 Years of Impact.

New SSIR Blog Post Highlights Our Vision for Shared Metrics

Coffee: The Canary in the Coalmine for Climate Change

Root Capital Client Sopacdi Brings Hope to the DRC

Trust and Credit: Critical Ingredients in the Mutually Beneficial Cycle

The Mutually Beneficial Cycle

Measurement in Action: Making use of social and environmental performance data

Four Observations from Ghana’s Back Roads

Providing Knowledge through Training in West Africa

From Inspiration to Action: Celebrating International Women's Day

The Power of Financial Literacy: A Conversation with Cecilia Yáñez

Africa’s Mega Micro Hedgers: Why we have a lot to learn from smallholder farmers

Through the Lens: Women in Agriculture

Beyond the Scorecard: A Conversation with Two of Root Capital's Sustainable Agriculture Buffs

Women in Agriculture Series: The Changing Role of Women in Coffee – Part 2

Just a Little Bit Bigger

Celebrating The Coffee Exchange’s 30-Year Commitment to Farm Families

Interview with Jeff Dykstra, CEO, Partners in Food Solutions

View from the Field: New Cluster Study Measures Our Impact on Guatemala Coffee Clients

Root Capital Launches $7 Million, Multi-Year Initiative to Combat La Roya and Build Farmer Resilience

Women in Agriculture Series: The Changing Role of Women in Coffee – Part 1 of 2