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Alexandra Tuinstra

Alexandra is responsible for leading, supporting and coordinating the regional Advisory Services team in Central America and Mexico, collaborating closely with our Latin American Lending team to ensure both teams' strategies and operations are aligned. Prior to joining Root Capital, Alexandra worked as Farmer Finance Manager at the Rainforest Alliance, and as Coordinator of SEFAS, a technical assistance program promoting financial services for sustainable agriculture. She holds a MSc. Development Studies with a Major in Local and Regional Development, Minor in Environment and Development from the Institute of Social Studies in The Netherlands, and a BA in Social Sciences with Majors in Political Geography and International Law from the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands.


Making the Case for Quality: Lessons from Root Capital and Intelligentsia’s First Joint Workshop

Posted by Alexandra Tuinstra  |  Aug 15, 2018 4:42:18 PM

ECWx 1

When actors across the coffee supply chain invest in quality, everyone benefits—from the farmer who earns better prices to the consumer who enjoys a better cup. Last month, we teamed up with specialty coffee pioneer Intelligentsia and coffee producers from across Colombia to learn how to make coffee better—for the people who drink it and those who grow it.

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Cuyes, peces y abejas: cómo los clientes peruanos están diversificando sus medios de vida

Posted by Alexandra Tuinstra  |  Dec 9, 2015 10:00:00 AM


Un apicultor de la cooperativa Pangoa en Peru

La crisis de la roya de la hoja del café que asoló Latinoamérica desde el 2011 hasta el 2014 obligó a muchas familias productoras de café a buscar fuentes alternativas de ingresos para solventar sus necesidades de sustento.

Para hacer frente a esta necesidad fundamental, hace dos años Root Capital comenzó a trabajar con nuestros clientes para analizar oportunidades de diversificación de ingresos para las familias rurales. Recientemente, en Lima, Perú, Root Capital y Heifer Peru convocaron un taller para los representantes de más de 40 de estas organizaciones de productores agrícolas con el objeto de compartir sus experiencias con diversas empresas no cafetaleras y analizar modelos comerciales exitosos de diversificación de ingresos.

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Guinea Pigs, Fish and Bees: How Peruvian Clients are Diversifying Livelihoods

Posted by Alexandra Tuinstra  |  Nov 17, 2015 1:41:38 PM

Members of CAPEMA use beekeeping as income-generating activity

Members of Root Capital client CAPEMA, a small coffee cooperative in San Martin, Peru, use beekeeping as an income generating activity. 

The coffee leaf rust crisis that swept through Latin America from 2011 to 2014 forced many coffee-farming families to find alternative sources of income just to make ends meet.

To address this critical need, Root Capital began working with our clients two years ago to explore income diversification opportunities for rural families. Recently, in Lima, Peru, Root Capital and Heifer Peru convened a workshop for representatives from over 40 of these farmer organizations to exchange their experiences with a variety of non-coffee ventures and discuss successful business models for revenue diversification.

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