Kate Hyder

As the senior associate for Advisory Services, Kate works closely with the Global Director in managing Root Capital's Advisory operations throughout Mexico, Central and South America, East and West Africa. Kate’s specific responsibilities include strategy formation, financial management, and oversight of multi-year, multi-country initiatives being implemented by the field team. Prior to Root Capital, Kate was an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company and also worked at 2Seeds Network. Kate holds a B.S. in Earth Systems and an M.A. in Earth Systems and Sustainable Development from Stanford University.


Launching Youth Leadership Development Advisory Services in Rural Ghana

Posted by Kate Hyder  |  Apr 20, 2017 2:33:16 PM

A focus group of youth leaders in agriculture in Tamale, Ghana.

Other than the fact that dresses and headscarves made of brightly patterned kente cloth dotted the room, the scene could have been from a young professionals’ networking event in San Francisco or Boston: 11 millennials, gathered into small focus groups in a hotel conference room, discussing what leadership meant to them.

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Topics: West Africa, Advisory Services

Empowering Farmers in the Face of Climate Change

Posted by Kate Hyder  |  Feb 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Sonia in the classroom

Sonia Vasquez, agricultural extension officer for COMSA, presenting during the first day of the workshop

For many of our clients, agricultural extension is a lifeline for the farm families they serve. “Extension,” as it is known in agriculture circles, is the delivery of agronomic best practices that can help farmers increase productivity, adapt to climate change and increase profitability. In December, we released an issue brief that highlighted, among other things, barriers to effective extension and how Root Capital works to help clients overcome these barriers using a shared value approach.

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Topics: Climate Smart Agriculture, Issue Brief Series, "Hidden Influencers"