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Meet Root Capital's New Chief Development Officer

Posted by Root Capital  |  Nov 30, 2018 2:50:37 PM

Amy Mullen_BLUE_2019
Root Capital is pleased to welcome two new additions to our global leadership team: Amy Mullen, Chief Development Officer, and Steve Nocka, Chief Lending Officer. We recently sat down with both of them to learn more about their backgrounds and what drew them to the work of Root Capital.
First off, meet our new Chief Development Officer, Amy Mullen…

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Two Public Sector Experts Join Root Capital’s Board of Directors

Posted by Root Capital  |  Oct 23, 2018 5:54:46 PM

[PEACE] _MG_9923

Transforming the lives of the world’s 450 million smallholder farmers isn’t a task any single organization can achieve; it requires systems-level change that can only be accomplished by many actors working together. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome two new members to our board of directors—Mary Barton-Dock and C.D. Glin—each of whom brings to the table a wealth of experience working in the public sector. Mary and C.D. understand the critical role that the public sector can play in creating an enabling environment for positive change, and we're excited to benefit from their guidance as we collaborate with state and intergovernmental organizations to bring prosperity to farming communities around the world.

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Transforming the Lives of Rural Women

Posted by Kristin Williams  |  Oct 22, 2018 2:54:13 PM

Bertha Nzabanita, Rwandan coffee farmer and long-time member of the Musasa cooperative.

One field. That’s all Bertha Nzabanita had left after the devastation of the Rwandan genocide left her a widow. One field, a young son to raise, and few options.

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What I Learned From One Day with a Colombian Coffee Cooperative

Posted by Adam Marcelo  |  Oct 18, 2018 6:00:00 AM



As we begin the journey up into the mountains, a small clearing in the trees opens, revealing the city of Santa Marta behind us and the crystal-blue ocean beyond. Sitting on sideways-facing benches inside of a twenty-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser, we rattle up the mountain. Our driver honks at everyone we pass—it seems like he knows every farmer, shopkeeper, and truck driver on the road.

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How These Mayan Farmers Are Modernizing a Two-Thousand-Year-Old Tradition

Posted by Lula Perez  |  Oct 8, 2018 7:00:00 AM

5.Foto de Juan Ocaranza_EDUCE

For the Maya, bees and their honey have always been sacred. Bees are a symbol of fertility and abundance; kaab, the Mayan word for bee, can also be translated as “force,” “land,” or “world.” But for the Mayan producer-members of the EDUCE cooperative, honey isn’t just a part of their cultural heritage. It’s also their livelihood.

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With the Support of Her Co-op, Coffee Farmer Ana Delia Becerra Is Branching Out Into Ecotourism

Posted by Will McAneny  |  Oct 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM


By the time the sun rises at Finca Eskandia, the farm has already come alive.

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