Empowering Farmers in the Face of Climate Change

Posted by Kate Hyder  |  Feb 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Sonia in the classroom

Sonia Vasquez, agricultural extension officer for COMSA, presenting during the first day of the workshop

For many of our clients, agricultural extension is a lifeline for the farm families they serve. “Extension,” as it is known in agriculture circles, is the delivery of agronomic best practices that can help farmers increase productivity, adapt to climate change and increase profitability. In December, we released an issue brief that highlighted, among other things, barriers to effective extension and how Root Capital works to help clients overcome these barriers using a shared value approach.

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Topics: Climate Smart Agriculture, Issue Brief Series, "Hidden Influencers"

A Persistent Daughter Teaches Her Old School Dad New Tricks

Posted by Malia Bachesta  |  Dec 3, 2015 5:00:00 PM

Throughout our 15 years of lending to agricultural enterprises, we have found that women are often hired for office positions in accounting, marketing, sales and other midlevel management roles – roles that are highly influential but less visible, and therefore less studied and celebrated, than top-tier leadership roles. We call these women “hidden influencers.”

In the context of large corporations, McKinsey & Company has defined the term “hidden influencers” as “people other employees look to for input, advice, or ideas about what’s really happening in a company.” Odalis Noeme Guerrero is just one example of a “hidden influencer” we have had the fortune of meeting through our work.


Odalis  Noeme Guerrero, agronomist at UNICAFEC

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Topics: Women in Agriculture, South America, "Hidden Influencers"